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The lucky life of a Utah born Labrador Retriever. “Bubba”, he traveled most of Utah and loved Moab the best! We’ve posted some of his suggestions for a successful Moab trip with your dog. Have a great time and preparefor your Moab trip with your pet!

Rest in peace buddy. I miss you. Chris.

Bubba’s Moab Tips:
1. Bring one gallon of water for me to drink every day besides yourself. Make me drink. If it’s too hot outside put me in doggy daycare. I don’t want to die of heat exhaustion today. I’m wearing a fur coat, you are not.

2. I love Negro Bill Canyon and Hunter’s Canyon in the summer for hiking when it’s hot. I can swim and there is water running almost the entire summer. Make sure to check for any leeches on me. They are harmless but yucky. Bring a leash and be considerate of other hikers who may think that a happy, wet, muddy dog is not that appealing or who may frighten younger hikers. If your dog is aggressive to other dogs or humans put him/her in daycare or under leash control. Don’t leave me at your camping spot tied up and alone.

3. Don’t leave me in the car from May till October for more than 5 minutes or I may die. It may be 68 degrees farenheit outside but it could be 120+ in the car very, very soon if it’s sunny. I will die very quickly in a hot car even if it is mild outside and the windows are cracked. Dogs do die in Moab in vehicles of heat exhaustion in relatively mild outside temps. Check the weather forecast and do not leave them in an enclosed vehicle!!!!

4. Don’t let me chase a small, scraggly coyote into the desert. He may be leading me to 15 of his healthy buddies hiding 100 feet away who are going to kill and eat me, slowly. In general, don’t allow your dog to chase any native wildlife.

5. Slickrock is fun for you but it wears my paws out in a very short time and I will be limping in an hour. It is like sandpaper to my paws. This WILL happen to your dog if you let him spend time with you on slickrock. Do not bring your dog with you on slickrock trail rides or hikes for extended trips. Put me in daycare or let me hang out at camp, attended with friends when you want to ride/hike slickrock please. Can you carry me for a long time??

6. Please consider how long your trip is going to be, how fast I can run, how hot it is and how much water/food you have for me. It’ll be no fun if I’m injured or die on your trip to Moab. I rely on you for all decisions in regards to my safety. Please plan accordingly.

7. Pack out my poop. Hey, I don’t know how to use a potty so I go just about anywhere. When I poop out on our trip please pick it up in a plastic bag and pack it out. Most trailheads have trash cans to dispose of it when you get back from your day’s activities.


Bubba and friends.

Just think a few minutes about your trip. Moab is hot and wild in the spring, summer and fall. If you bring your dog take a few minutes to plan for him/her. Make sure they have plenty of water, food, shade, rest and the trip is within their ability. Check the weather forecast and the high or low temperatures for the duration. If it is too hot (85+ degrees F+ ) plan on putting them in a kennel, daycare or leaving them at home with friends. They rely on you completely to make the right decisions for their safety. Planning, caution and common sense will make for a fun, safe trip for you and your pet.

Note for Pet owners – Arches National Park
This is taken from the NPS website at
Activities with pets are very limited at Arches. Pets are NOT allowed on any hiking trails. Pets may accompany visitors in the campground, and at overlooks and pullouts along the paved scenic drives. Pets may be walked on roads or in parking lots, but must be leashed at all times when outside a vehicle. Pets may not be left unattended (except in a paid-for campsite in the Devils Garden campground, where they must not cause a disturbance).Very Important!
The desert can be deadly for pets. Car temperatures rise quickly in the sun, even on cool days. Your pet can easily die of heat exhaustion. If you are leaving a pet in a car, crack the windows as much as possible and leave water to drink. We recommend you not leave pets in the car at all when temperatures are above 68 degrees Farenheit, even with the windows cracked.

Pet Friendly Hotels in Moab
Moab embraces the outdoor lifestyle and has a high percentage of pet friendly hotels. Please patronize and thank these merchants for allowing your family friend to stay with you during your visit. Tip: Book your hotel well in advance, Moab sells out very quick!!!