Moab Utah Airport Info

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Yes, there is an airport nearby to Moab and there are several options on
getting a flight here. The Canyonlands Airport is located 16 miles north of Moab, on Highway 191. It is a small regional airport and only accepts local charters. You will most likely fly into Salt Lake City and take a short flight using one of the charter flight companies below or take a shared van shuttle from Salt Lake City, or rent a car.
You can use our Flights and Air Travel booking link below to get a flight into Salt Lake or Denver, Colorado. For travel from Salt Lake to Moab you’ll need to call one of the local charter flight companies below and book your travel or have a car waiting for you at the airport to make the drive. Salt Lake is about a 4 1/2 hour drive to Moab in good weather.You can also fly into Denver Colorado and take Great Lakes Airlines to Moab, Utah or rent a car and make the drive.