Moab Utah Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails and Guides to Moab >>>>>>
The Moab area is a hiker’s paradise. Sweeping views, high canyon walls, Native American ruins, ancient petroglyphs and sandstone arches are some of the things you can expect to see on your hike. Here are a few suggestions before you arrive. If a word is linked in blue it denotes further info is available.

1. Plan to bring plenty of water.
2. Buy a guidebook or stop by the visitor center in town and get some suggestions.
3. Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back.
4. Bring a camera, fresh batteries, plenty of film or a large media card for digital.
5. Wear sunscreen, not the wimpy stuff. Plan on SPF 15 to 60.
6. If you have a GPS bring it. If not bring a map or a copy of your guidebook.
7. Stay on the trail! Do not destroy fragile cryptobiotic crust. Enjoy nature responsibly.
8. Bring the proper gear and equipment like a GPS or Hydration Pack

7. Watch out for Poison Ivy in NB Canyon and Hunters Canyon.

Trail Data Highest Elevation Elevation Gain Length (One Way)
Amphitheater Loop 4,240 250 3.0 Miles (Loop)
Corona Arch 4,400 440 1.5 Miles
Fisher Towers 5,300 670 2.2 Miles
Negro Bill Canyon 4,300 330 2.0 Miles
Moab Rim 4,900 940 3.0 Miles
Hidden Valley 5,270 680 2.0 Miles
Hunters Canyon 4,320 240 2.0 Miles
Portal Overlook 4,940 980 2.0 Miles

Negro Bill Canyon Trail Guide >>
Great spring, summer and fall trail with a year round stream and the sixth largest natural arch in the country. Excellent, top rated trail.

Amphitheatre Loop Trail >>
Lots of weird and interesting rock formations plus an amazing view of the Colorado river plateau. Very near to Hittle Bottom campground.

Corona Arch Trail>>
The arch is amazing to see along with nearby bowtie arch.

Fisher Towers Trail >>
Eroded stone towers have created fantastic shapes and an eerie atmosphere. Desert tower hiking at it’s best.

Moab Rim Trail >>
Great views of the Moab Valley.

Hidden Valley Trail >>
Good views of the Moab valley and Behind the Rocks. Gets afternoon shade so it may be a good option on a hot day.

Hunter’s Canyon >>
A very different and lovely trail to hike in Moab. Stream runs through it in spring and early summer and has large cottonwood trees in the canyon.

Portal Overlook >>
Amazing views of the Moab Valley and La Sal Mountains.