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Photo Courtesy NPS.

Hovenweep is a magical place. Most folks have never heard of it and most will never visit it. If you have a spirit of adventure and want to experience some truly amazing sights then plan on spending a day or two in Hovenweep. See Photos.

Hovenweep is not actually in Moab but South of it. It is worth mentioning because of its proximity for a day trip and its importance as an archeological site. The National Monument protects five prehistoric villages spread out over 20 miles of mesa tops and canyons. While Hovenweep has been inhabited by man for over 10,000 years it is most known for the multi storied sandstone masoned towers perched on high cliffs and boulders built by the ancetral Puebloans. Most of the stone structures at Hovenweep were built around A.D 1200 to A.D. 1300.

Hovenweep is a place many will never forget. The magnificent masonry, excellent preservation and the mystery of its obvious defensive nature will spark the minds of young and old alike.

Facts and Figures

Open: The Park is open year round. The visitor center is open 8:00am – 5:00pm with closures on winter U.S. holidays. The hiking trails to the ruins are open during daylight hours.

Park Size: 785 acres / 317 hectares

Camping: There is a campground near the visitor center which is open year round on a first-come, first-served basis. The sites are designed for tent camping, though a few sites will accommodate RV’s 25 feet or less in length. Sites include tent pads, fire grills and picnic tables with shade structures. The fee is $10.00 per night. Flush toilets and running water are available. For more information please call (970) 562-4282.

Fees: $3 per individual for 7 days or you can pay $6 for an entire vehicle full of people which will last 7 days. So, 1 person is $3, 2 people are $6 and 3 plus people in one vehicle is still $6 total. Bring cash or checks.

Maps: To view a map of the park in Adobe PDF format click here. Size is 170kb and is a small download. The map is courtesy of the National Park Service.

If you need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view the above file please go here to install.

NPS Website: More detailed information is available at the NPS website https://www.nps.gov/hove/index.htm.

Contact Info:

Hovenweep National Monument
McElmo Route
Cortez, CO 81321


Holly Group Ruins – Photo Courtesy NPS

Cajon Group Ruins – Photo Courtesy NPS

Cutthroat Castle Ruin Hovenweep – Photo Courtesy NPS

Horshoe Group Ruins Hovenweep – Photo Courtesy NPS

Hovenweep Castle Ruins – Photo Courtesy NPS

Stronghold Group Ruin Hovenweep – Photo Courtesy NPS

Square Tower Hovenweep – Photo Courtesy NPS