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The Moab area and Canyonlands are a climbing paradise. The crack routes of Indian Creek are legendary and need no introduction. They are just a relatively short drive from the Moab area. The face, crack and slab routes of Potash road are 5 minutes from town and there is bouldering at several areas like Big Bend along the Colorado River north east of town. The locals are generally hush hush about the steep bolted routes of the Mill Creek Canyon but we’ve all seen the pictures and the area is definitely worth a trip. For the sick minded you have the Fisher Towers and for the must do’s you have Castleton Tower. Did you know there was climbing in Arches National Park? No individual Arch climbing though. Nonetheless, individual routes or boulder problems are out of the scope of this site. There is just too much information and there are already complete exhaustive guidebooks out there.

So, the first thing you should do is either buy a guidebook (link to it on left sidebar – Stewart Green’s Utah Climbing), download route info from the Internet or visit one of the fine climbing shops in Moab. Have fun and be safe.

Pagan Mountaineering Climbing Shop
59 South Main St. #2
Moab, Utah 84532

Moab Area Climbing Overview:

Indian Creek – Some of the best crack climbing in the country. Needs no introduction. South of Moab. Check out the Mountain Project section for Indian Creek here

Mill Creek – Bolted and mixed climbing on excellent rock. Get good directions. Most routes were bolted from the ground up and can be quite sporty or may require a small rack! Routes start at 5.10 and go up quickly from there. Not a beginners area. Do not crap in the canyon, pack it out. Drive slow on the access road. This is an access sensitive area.

Potash Road – Easy access and a wide variety of different style climbs. Splitter cracks, hard mixed face and even some technical slab. You can belay off your tailgate and the area is right on the road. Be sure to find the Petroglyphs along Potash road and the Dinosaur tracks near the start of Poison Spider. Here’s a link to the Google map for the Potash climbing area. It is listed as state road 279. Here’s the Wikimapia view. If you have Google Earth and want to fly to Wall Street on Potash Rd click here.

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Kane Creek – Kane Creek offers some excellent moderate crack climbing or some of the hardest crack climbs in the country if that’s what you’re looking for? This is the other side of the Colorado river from Potash going West from Moab on Kane Creek. Good camping along this road too. A Google map showing the location is here. Wikimapia view here. You’ll want a guidebook for this area.

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Bouldering – There are several areas to boulder in and around Moab including the well known Big Bend Boulders. Big Bend is easily found by going north on main street in Moab and taking a right on highway 128 (right next to Colorado river before bridge) and following it 8.1 miles to the boulders on the right side of the road. There is a campground across the street called Upper Big Bend camping area, not first Big Bend camping area which is at 7.4 miles!

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