Services in Moab Utah. Rentals, repairs, groceries and water.

Moab Services >>>
Grocery stores, internet access, repair shops, rentals and outdoor gear.’s guide to services. Each link takes you to a separate page with information and listings.

Grocery Store Listings 
Moab has several fully stocked grocery stores in town.

Moab Bike Rentals
If you’re traveling a good distance or just have a piece of crap you may want rent a Mountain Bike on your trip. Moab has excellent bike choices. Reservations are recommended.

Moab Jeep Rentals
Renting a 4 wheel drive in Moab is a great way to experience the 4×4 trails and are a blast to drive.

Internet Access
Yeah, you can check your email in Moab.

Moab Guided Tours
A great way to get the most out of your trip to Moab is by using the services of an expert.

Moab Outdoor Shops
Moab has several outdoor shops in town for your camping, climbing, boating and outdoor needs.

Moab Bike Shuttles
Shuttles are a popular way to get to trail heads without taking your car. They are inexpensive, convenient and can make your ride more pleasurable.

Moab Bike Shops
Moab probably has the best collection of world class bike shops in the country along with the best mechanics.

Beer, Wine and Liquor
Yeah, you can get a drink in Utah. There is a state liquor store in town with full strength beer, wine and liquor. In fact, two of my favorite brew pubs are in town also, the Raven Stout is the perfect finish to a day in the desert.

You’ll need plenty of this in the desert. Learn why or you may die.

Moab 4X4 Shops
As any 4 wheeler will know it’s not unusual to bust something on the trail or need service on your trip here.

Moab Shower Facilities
If you’re camping you may not have shower facilities at your camping area. Here’s a list of places in town to grab a shower for a couple of bucks.