Places to get Water in Moab, Utah

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Water is a matter of life and death in Moab if you plan on being outside. No matter if you are hiking, biking, golfing, 4 wheeling, ATV’ing or whatever, people die here from dehydration (lack of water). Always plan on bringing your own water wherever you go because drinking water will not always be available. In the summer plan on one gallon of water per person per day. Drink constantly and not in short gulp sessions every 30 minutes or an hour. Once you are thirsty it’s too late, you are dehydrated.

The best way to carry water is through one of the pack mounted systems that has a water bladder. Go for the larger ones that offer 50 ounces or more. You can view some of the suggested models here. If you are doing aerobic excercise in the summer plan on carrying a 100oz bladder plus several additional water bottles for your trip.
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Places to get water in Moab

Free – Matrimony Springs – Located on the river road (Hwy 128) that is located right off US 191 at the bridge on the northern end of Moab right at the Colorado River. It is a natural spring with water that comes right out of the Mesa. Here is the mapquest link for the location of the spring. It is just east of HWY 191 (the main street into Moab) on hwy 128 (The colorado river road). Their is a pull off on the right side with a large cliff and a metal pipe coming out. This is where you fill up your water. There will probably be other people here doing the same.

Free – Gearheads – Located just south of the City Market on the main street in Moab (Hwy 191) is Gearheads. This is a great outdoor / riding / climbing / camping shop. They usually have this humongous Mountain Hardwear dome tent set up outside the shop. They provide free filtered water and are friendly and knowleagable. This place is highly recommended.

Address: Gearheads – 471 S Main St # 1, Moab Ut. (435) 259-4327