Newspaper Rock Art – Canyonlands National Park

Newspaper Rock State Historic Site – Canyonlands Utah >>>

If you’re fascinated with rock art like us be sure to visit Newspaper Rock. It is located on the way into the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park on Utah Route 211. It’s right next the road and is easily viewed and photographed. Roughly 2,000 plus years of petroglyph activity are viewable at the site. Cultures represented are the Fremont, Navajo, Anasazi- (Ancestral Puebloans) and even white settlers-(Anglos).

Open: All year round.

Cost: $0.00 – Free

Camping: Newspaper Rock Campground – Managed by BLM
Contact BLM San Juan Field Office
435 North Main
PO Box 7
Monticello, Utah 84535